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Results Speak Louder Than Words

You are the expert at what you do!  That's why your customers go to you.
Our expertise is in developing and executing on marketing plans that find new customers and grow businesses. 

That's why our customers come to us!

See how we've helped other local businesses to drive new revenue and growth. 
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Growing a Local Restaurant with
Omni Channel Marketing
Revving Up Revenue
From Website Woes to Double the Dough

We faced a challenge: a local restaurant with new owners struggling to reach customers in a very rural area. With our omni-channel approach, we transformed their business. We started by building a website, then captured diner emails through post-meal surveys. These surveys not only built their email list, but also provided valuable insights into customer preferences. Armed with this data, we crafted targeted email campaigns, keeping diners engaged with weekly updates on events, special menus, and catering options, fostering repeat business. To drive new traffic, we created engaging social media campaigns and utilized the USPS Every Door direct Mail. We also strategically networked by joining the local chamber of commerce and participating in community events. Knowing the owners were busy, Guru Market Me served as an extension of their team, frequently attending events and promoting the restaurant on their behalf. The results? Bookings are up a staggering 106% year-over-year, proving the power of a well-executed omni-channel marketing strategy.

Mavis Tire of Mahopac, a trusted name in auto repair, approached us with a goal: grow their customer base and generate new revenue streams. Leveraging our marketing expertise, we put them on the fast track. First, we established a strong online presence. We built a user-friendly website and created engaging social media channels to connect with potential customers. To understand their needs better, we conducted surveys both onsite and online. This valuable data allowed us to tailor our approach. Next, we implemented an automated email campaign. A thank-you email sent a day after service fostered positive customer relationships. Following up with a service reminder email a few days before their next appointment ensured timely maintenance and repeat business. But our strategy went beyond the digital. Through surveys, we discovered a knowledge gap regarding auto services. To bridge this gap, we created informative pamphlets for the shop, educating customers about important car maintenance needs. The results speak for themselves. Mavis Tire of Mahopac remains a beloved community fixture, while also experiencing significant growth. This win-win situation exemplifies the power of Guru Market Me's data-driven approach to marketing.

AS Foods, a local favorite known for its delicious Italian deli and prepared foods, was facing a nightmare scenario. Their previous web developer had hijacked their website, leaving them with no online presence and a frustrated owner. Having previously worked with Guru Market Me on smaller marketing projects, the owner knew exactly who to call. Fast Action, Lasting Solutions We sprang into action. While recovering the original domain proved impossible, our team didn't flinch. We quickly developed a user-friendly and visually appealing website that showcased AS Foods' mouthwatering selections. This ensured a seamless online transition despite the initial setback. Building Trust and Expanding Business Beyond the website rescue, Guru Market Me continued to be a trusted marketing partner for AS Foods. We designed eye-catching in-store posters for seasonal promotions. Additionally, we established engaging social media campaigns, increasing brand awareness and online engagement. The trust we built paid off further. When the owner decided to expand by acquiring Pat's Deli, Guru Market Me was the natural choice for the new store's website. Our understanding of AS Foods' brand allowed us to create a cohesive website catering to both locations, ensuring a smooth online experience for their growing customer base. The Recipe for Success: Trust, Efficiency, and Growth This case study exemplifies Guru Market Me's commitment to client success. Faced with adversity, we delivered a swift solution and continued to provide comprehensive marketing support. Today, AS Foods thrives with a strong online presence and a loyal customer base – a testament to the power of strategic marketing and a trusted partnership.

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