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Marketing Made Simple

How do you get your message out in front of your target audience? 


There are so many options . . . business owners often find the choices confusing.  Social media, newspaper advertising, email marketing, where do you start?


Our proven process cuts through the clutter, simplifies the process and most of all produces RESULTS!


We start with a consultation with you, to understand your business, your customers, and your goals.  We develop a plan for you that delivers.

We take care of the heavy lifting and execute a custom campaign that helps to drive results for your business, or we can show you how to get there on your own.

Either way, you, and your business wins!

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Market Plan Creation

Our process starts by learning about your business.  We ask about your current and future products/services, your business goals, existing and new target customers.

Learning about your business through discussions with you and market research enables us to create a customized marketing plan that will help you drive revenue.

Social Media

Staying on top of your Social Media postings takes time away from what you already do day-to-day.  Our team can be your social right-hand, or just supplement what you do.  Either way, staying in front of customers is a key driver to success. 

We can help get you there.


Email Marketing

We will work with your existing database or help you build-out and manage a new list. 

Communicating directly with your customers through email mail marketing is a cost-effective way to stay in touch and help to drive new sales to existing clients.  It can even help drive sales of non-customers when done correctly.  


We specialize in both traditional and digital advertising.  From direct mail to publications and digital initiatives, we'll help you find the medium to communicate where your customers can find you.

From idea to inception and post campaign analytics, we're your go to firm to help drive results.

Website Design & Build

If you don't have a website you may be jeopardizing potential new sales.  Many people check your company out on the web before deciding to do business with you.  A simple website may be all that your business needs to stay ahead of your competition.


Is your website outdated?  We can help design a website that your business can be proud of.  


Do you need new flyers, menus or a banner to promote your business at a community event?  We will help you develop the ideas, create the concepts and deliver the finished product right to your door.


Direct Mail

While digital marketing plays a crucial role, incorporating well-designed and targeted direct mail campaigns can be a strategic move. Direct mail can be a unique advantage for brand awareness, customer engagement, and business growth.

Public Relations

Building strong relationships within the community offers numerous benefits.  Community relationships can help establish valuable partnerships, create referral opportunities,  and bring about invaluable market research.  


Training & Education

Just need a little help to get things started?

We know that budgets in small businesses are tight!  That's why we've created resources and training programs that can help you get started on your own.

We're a small business too!

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