Money Mailer Direct Mail Advertising

The Local Money Mailer Envelope can help you find and keep more customers!  Money Mailer is recognized as a leader in the direct marketing industry with more than 30+ years of success. As one of the largest direct marketing companies in the country, reaching millions of homes through a shared mail envelope, the over-sized red, white and blue envelope attracts more attention, breaking through the clutter of the mailbox!


We can create a customized Advertising and Marketing campaign for you, using the Money Mailer platform, to help your business get & keep more customers! 

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Why Money Mailer?

Who Receives the Money Mailer?

Delivered to over 360,000 local affluent households in Westchester and Putnam NY & Connecticut with a focus on family homeowners with an average income of about $117,000 and average networth of $1.5M. Targeting married females ages 24-55. 70% have 2+ vehicles. About 80% are home owners.

Do people actually open the envelope?

85% of readers go through all of the offers. 50% use 3 or more coupons. Consumers rated direct mail as their preferred and most trusted source for marketing information. Printed ads that consumers can touch and feel leave a deeper impression than those viewed on screen. Preferred method of getting offers by Millennials.

How does the Money Mailer impact shopping behavior?

97% use coupons to save money. 75% use more coupons now than in the past. 74% learn about new businesses from coupon offers. Advertise in only the areas (zones) you want to target. Each zone is made up of 10,000 upper income households.

What does it cost to advertise in the Money Mailer?

Approximately 3-4¢ per home. Includes marketing consultation, design, printing, postage, distribution, web exposure & inclusion on the Money Mailer App.